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Patrick Stewart

December 18, 2008


“I am not the archetypal leading man. This is mainly for one reason: as you may have noticed, I have no hair.” – Patrick Stewart

George Carlin

December 18, 2008


“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”  – George Carlin

Jean Luc Goddard

December 12, 2008


“A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not necessarily in that order.”  – Jean Luc Goddard


December 12, 2008



“Don’t you call me a mindless philosopher you overweight glob of grease!” – C3PO

Bill Henson

December 12, 2008




“In every form of art, you really want the experience of the images to transcend the medium, for the medium to disappear into the greater experience of viewing the work. So that you forget you are looking at a painting, or a photograph.” – Bill Henson

Frank Lloyd Wright

December 11, 2008



“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”  – Frank Lloyd Wright

Stanley Kubrick

December 5, 2008



“Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all.” – Stanley Kubrick

Peter Garrett

December 3, 2008



“Whod like to change the world, who wants to shoot the curl
Who gets to work for bread, who wants to get ahead
Who hands out equal rights, who starts and ends that fight
And not not rant and rave, or end up a slave
Who can make hard won gains, fall like the summer rain
Now every man must be, what his life can be

So dont call, me, the tune, I will walk away” – Peter Garrett

Tim Berners-Lee

December 3, 2008



“Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch” – Tim Berners-Lee

Robert Adler

December 3, 2008



“As long as it’s done above-board and everybody knows what everybody else is doingand there’s no particular specific legal issue there, I’m not terribly troubled by the way the money is funneled.” – Robert Adler